Why Animatics?

The Name...The Mission...

The word 'Animatics' perfectly embodies the mission of the company. The first part of the word derives from the Latin word anima meaning "to breathe life into." The second part comes from the Greek word automatos meaning "acting independently, self moving and self thinking." Moog Animatics designs, manufactures and brings to life the ultimate integrated, motion control solution: an easily programmable servo motor without the separation of a cabinet of controls and circuits and with the independence of a drive, amplifier and encoder all in one compact package.

That’s why we call it "SmartMotor™".
Our Promise...

By allying with Moog Animatics and our quality integrated motion control products, you can rest assured that you are choosing the true automation solution, not just the quick fix. With Moog Animatics, we promise you will:

  • Increase MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure): With only a quarter of the number of parts in a traditional servo system, the elimination of cabling between those parts and our robust design means fewer parts and greater reliability.
  • Increase Throughput: SmartMotor™ servos will increase the machine throughput for end users as well as increase the rate of machine replication for machine builders.
  • Reduce Costs: Fewer parts will cost you less. You can completely eliminate drive and control cabinets from your machine.
  • Reduce Development Time: Our little black box truly is magic. Watch the time you used to spend integrating and packaging multiple components and dealing with an array of suppliers reappear.
  • Eliminate Field Service: There is no need to spend the time, money and resources to send a technician out to service and troubleshoot a cabinet of controls that doesn’t exist. In addition, SmartMotor™ servos can be replaced with NO SOFTWARE OR MOUNTING CHANGES.
Our Guarantee...

Moog Animatics’ innovative solutions and customer dedication have cemented our standing as the industry leader, but we won’t stop there. We guarantee that working with us, you will receive:

  • Most Powerful Integrated Language Capability with hundreds of commands offering the ability to infinitely change gear ratios on-the-fly with the added flexibility of Phase Offset Mode and the ability to write impromptu cam tables. All of this is free with your SmartMotor™.
  • Top High-Tech Support and Sales Organization with a national and international network of highly trained Automation Solution Providers, in most cases degreed engineers, dedicated to your success.
  • Broadest Contouring Solutions with the ability for high speed interpolated contouring over a single serial link. Use a P.C. and run industry standard G-Codes and coordinated motion interface to CAD/CAM.
  • Widest Range of Product Offerings featuring integrated, fully programmable servo motors.
  • Industry’s Most Multi-functional and Expandable I/O.

Conventional vs. SmartMotor™

Total Benefits of Integrated Motion Control

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Animatics advantage1 Animatics advantage2

Competitive Advantage

Animatics' Integrated Servo Motor Solution Competitor's Integrated Stepper Motor Offering
True dynamically closed loop motion control based on motor commutation. Animatics competitive edge1 Animatics competitive edge2 Typically open-loop non-continuous position feedback. Only position correction at end of loop.
Smoother operation throughout entire torque curve because of continuous commutation. Animatics competitive edge7 Animatics competitive edge3 “Micro-Steppers” accuracy improvements are limited. Smoothness is still less compared to a servo. Often problems with resonance are experienced.
Broader Torque Curve --- High dynamic response capabilities which greatly improves cycle times In addition to broader continuous torque, peak torque shifts are possible Animatics competitive edge8 Animatics competitive edge4

Torque degradation at higher speeds causing increased cycle times and higher production costs

No ability for peak torque shifts. What you are operating at is what you get.

Extensive programming capabilities i.e. more pre-set positions, electronic CAM table, and software based interrupts. Animatics competitive edge8 Animatics competitive edge5 Limited programming capabilities; typically preset definitions only.
Can operate as “master” (controlling other motors) OR “slave” in multi-axis applications. Animatics competitive edge9 Animatics competitive edge6 Only able to operate as “slave” (accepting commands).

Botschaft des Geschäftsführers

Die SmartMotoren haben zwar eine schwarze Hülle, ihr Kern steckt dafür jedoch voller grüner Power. Denn:

Der SmartMotor™ besitzt die gleichen Wellen- und Gehäuseabmessungen wie ein open-loop Schrittmotor, benötigt aber nur einen Bruchteil der Energie - denn er nimmt nur so viel Leistung auf wie er braucht.

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CNC-Fräsmaschine zur Bearbeitung von Surfbrettern

CNC Surfbrett Maschine mit SmartMotor und Zahnriemenantrieb HLD60 Aktuator
CNC Surfboard Machine using SmartMotor and HLD60 Belt Drive Actuator
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