How to Videos Library

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SmartMotor Videos:


This video will familiarize you with some of the SMI software’s tools including motor view. The video explains the following:

  1. The difference detecting vs. addressing the motor
  2. Establishing communication with SmartMotor and some trouble shooting techniques
  3. Measuring temperature, current and voltage with motor view
  4. LEDs on the SmartMotor
  5. Communication Lockup Wizard
  6. Uploading and clearing motor program (EEPROM)

Transmit Program

This video shows you how to transmit a program to the SmartMotor. The following is also discussed:

  1. Changing motor’s address
  2. Opening and saving a program
  3. Simple position move program explained
  4. Program flow and sub routines
  5. LEDs on the SmartMotor
  6. The difference between absolute and relative position moves

Drive Enable

This video explains the Drive Enable Option for the SmartMotor.

Update Firmware

This video explains firmware update for the SmartMotor Class 5.

SM Demo Setup

This video explains how to set up SmartMotor demo.

SMI Playground

This video explains the Playground feature in SMI.

For more how to, demo and application videos, visit the SmartMotor YouTube Channel.